Online marketing is an interesting world.  You can try everything.  You can design your page the way you have imagined it.  But since some has been doing the business for quite some time, there are several practices that you might find not necessary. Check on the three items below.

Cross sell at every opportunity you see. Your customers have already gotten everything they need and are now checking out.  Then you bombard them with items that are unrelated on things they have bought?What do you think you’re doing?  This is definitely not right. Your client may be running out of time that’s why they’re leaving and you should not bother them.  Your check out counter should be fast and efficient.  Some of ecommerce marketing agency might suggest you do this but be smart not to agree on this. To get more detailed info on digital marketing services, visit catapult revenue.

Your business will succeed by focusing on your website.  Silly statement isn’t it?  Website design is just one thing, it serves as a front liner of something greater which is the service that you will provide to your clients.  You want to be seen? You want most of the traffic? Then yes, invest on improving your webpage.  But do you want re-order, you want to be trusted by your clients? Then, always assess how to improve your services.  Be open for comments, suggestions and recommendations from your customers.  Why? Because happy clients will serve as your marketer.  And that’s absolute. 

Providing too much information is a no-no.  Let’s rephrase it – providing information all at the same time is overwhelming but providing it when necessary is reassuring.  Who does not want information on the products they are buying?  Product specs, dimensions, reviews, photos, etc – these can be present on the website but not on a single glance.  You may just put on links or hide/show arrows so prospect customers may always check on them when they needed to.  You can always discuss with your ecommerce marketing agency how to go about this before proceeding on the job.