There are many books, religious beliefs and cultural practices that promote the covering of the head, especially in women. In the first epistle of the Corinthians, it says that a graceful woman should cover her head. The Arabs and those that practice Islam also require the ladies to wear a hijab, especially when they are in the presence of men.

While wearing of Hijab is a common practice in the Middle East and in many parts of Southeast Asia, it would not be surprising to see someone in the streets of the United Kingdom or New York wearing it. And although there are religious and cultural implications in putting the Hijab on the head, there are people that wear it for the following reasons:

  • They appreciate the culture of modesty and would like to apply it on themselves.
  • The Hijab is actually a good protection from heat, pollution or cold weather.

In the spiritual and cultural contexts, there are benefits of wearing the Hijab, even in this modern times.

  • Women get to highlight and preserve their purity, protecting themselves from the acts that are considered lustful or evil. (Let us admit it. You are likely not to attract attention from guys when your head is covered.) This also allows her to practice her religion faithfully.
  • The wearing of Hijab signifies that the woman is so loyal to his husband (or future husband for the single lady), she does not want other men to see her entire appearance. This is a privilege that only the husband is entitled to.

Whatever the purpose you have for wearing the Hijab, see to it that you never compromise comfort and style. Make sure to get only the high quality head coverings whose materials, designs and colors are appropriate for the weather conditions and occasion.