As the title suggests in this article, we are going to introduce you to the French Businessman Alain Dumenil. He is most prominent for his business ventures. He is the topmost French businessman. Hold On there is more about him. There is no introduction that fits him.  

Moreover, he is a philanthropist and an author too. This versatile personality hails from France. On the 3rd May 1949, Alain was born. He was born into a wealthy family. Over the years, he has worked hard and made a mark in the business industry. Today there is not a single introduction that fits him. 

It all started when the French businessman’s father passed away as Alain decided to come on the front foot to the family bank brokerage. He decided to work for his inheritance bank; his father founded a brokerage bank. If you are more curious about french businessperson then you can learn more about it on

Trying out hands is multiple fields of business 

Alain Dumenil was quite a businessman. Even before stepping into the business culture. The bank founded by his dad was not enough. He tried his hands in different business fields. Alain stepped into the fashion industry today. He gained prominence because of the chairmanship. Dumenil is Chairman at SMALTO. 

Today many businesses are run by him. Acanthe development in France, dual holding in Switzerland and Aeronautics sub coordinating. Mr. Alain Edgar Louis Duménil has been extremely successful. It’s a great deal to have in the business industry and the fashion industry. Edgar has coined a new trend.

He is truly a great personality to look up to. The ventures manage to be in the game and the business culture and industry. It has completely evolved because of Alain. The growth of business ventures has been commendable. 

As it has evolved and grown continuously, it is a great inspiration to have. We hope this article will help you out with the purpose.