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Ask your webmaster to place our information of our travel site travel – related web site on your Links Pages.

Send us an email with the title, url and description of your web site(s)
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We only link to travel-related sites.

We only link to the main domain if multiple domains share
the same links page.

When multiple domains share the same links page, it seems
some search engines divide all the links by the number of associated
domains sharing the same links page. It’s therefore
not in our interest to add multiple sites to our links
page when we only receive the equivalent of one link back.

  1. We only link to genuine, quality web sites.
    We do not exchange links with Link Farms, certain
    types of Doorway or Hallway pages or marketing scams.
    We do not exchange links if our links are included
    into pages that contains more than 100 links.
  2. We only link to sites that reciprocate.
    We remove sites from our links pages that haven’t reciprocated.